Under the current emergency
put in place
to combat Covid – 19
the entrance doors of the buildings that serve the Parish Communities of

Our Lady of Loretto and St Michael the Archangel, Musselburgh
St Martins of Tours, Tranent

are now closed.

Our communities however are

Wide Open to All.


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Message from Father Basil

We are continuing to put together an email list in order to send out newsletters and other longer communications. I have most of the people here but not all. Unless you are absolutely certain that i have these details please drop me an email to let me reach you in that way. I can assure you that it will only be used for this purpose. New email address for Fr Basil : [email protected]


Links to other Parishes and Organisations who are providing online services (e.g.Holy Mass) have been moved from the front page to here.
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The Sound of Silence

The Catholic Community of Our Lady of Loretto and St Michael welcomes you to our website as our Country, along with many other parts of the world, faces its greatest health challenge since the influenza pandemic of 1918 – 1919.  In a time of great fear, when our first instinct is to draw closer together for support and comfort, we are required to isolate ourselves. The common good is best served by spending time alone. 

The obvious temptation is to spend our time surrounded by noise in all the various ways the media brings it to usWithin that I include ‘visual noise’. Anything to help us avoid silence. Yet if we are brave enough to listen in the silence then other voices, gentler sounds will make it through.  Who knows even the awesome sound of God’s tentative murmur might be heard?  Even more terrifying, perhaps the voice of our own spirit, with all her joys and apprehensions, might have a chance to speak?  If so then that is prayer, heart speaking to heart, our essential or fundamental Self in communion with the source, ground and completion of all things. 

Because the Christian is never alone, we are always in God’s presence, God standing at the door of our lives waiting for an invitation to enter.

Our message to you is simple: Leave us for a moment and spend time with the One who died and rose from the dead. The one at whose voice all things came to be and in whom we live and move and have our being.

Fr Basil Clark

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