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The First Sunday of Advent 2020

Advent Reflection Group 2020

Information and weekly updates click –>Online Advent Reflection Group 2020for further information  you can also email Miriam [email protected]


Dear Friends

Following the Pattern of Christ

We all experience time in certain rhythms, whether it’s the annual cycle of four seasons or the daily cycle of light and dark, work and rest. That is part of the dislocation of this year. So much of how we mark the events of our lives have been missing or at best pared down and inadequate. We like to establish our own patterns, marking out time to enrich our lives in some way. In all these ways, the rhythms of our lives make room for beauty and meaning. Even the most secular humanists establish ritual ways to mark life’s journey, or example humanist weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies.

Centuries ago, Christians established a way to mark out time called the Christian Year or Church Calendar. It’s an annual cycle of seasons that corresponds to key events in the life of Jesus. Through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost, Christians commemorate Christ’s birth, ministry, passion, death, resurrection, and second coming.

The Church Calendar developed as a way to aid in spiritual formation. By immersing believers in the story of Jesus and in God’s on-going redemptive work in the world. The Calendar imparts a sacred rhythm to our activities. It helps us to pattern our lives after Christ. And just as with other life rituals, the Calendar is not an end in itself. It’s simply an instrument for orienting our hearts and lives toward the Gospel story. It’s a way of reminding ourselves – weekly, monthly, and yearly – of God’s precious gift of grace in Christ Jesus.

The beginning of Advent points us to the end if this cycle when Christ shall come in Glory. It points us to Jesus as the end of all things but also as the beginning of a new story in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The second half of Advent points us back to his first coming in humility and simplicity. In itself, a gentle reminder that the way to heavenly glory is found on the path of earthly humility.

With every blessing

Fr Basil


Fun Interactive Masses for Children

It’s been a long time since we have been able to gather for Children’s Liturgy. This Advent, we are planning to hold a couple of Sunday afternoon masses aimed at all children, with some familiar songs and interactive activities.

Booking required as capacity remains at 50 people.

St Nicolas Day 6th December at 5.30pm
Chiistmas Tree Decoration by the children after this Mass
To book Click –>  Children’s Mass 6th December 2020

Advent 4 Our Lady 20th December at 5.30pm
The children will receive their Christingle after this Mass.
To book Click–>
Children’s Mass 20th December 2020


Caritas Musselburgh

This week I sent £120 for Christmas hampers for refugee families in East Lothian. I will also send £200 to the food bank as part of our parishes ongoing support of families as Christmas approaches. The Starfish Recovery Café is getting ready to open again in December (under the now normal social distancing conditions). You will also see a newsletter from the Caritas Commission, which I chair as Vicar for Caritas/Justice and Peace.
Fr Basil


Pope Francis Homily for this years World Day of the Poor

Celebrating Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica last Sunday to mark the occasion, Pope Francis reflected on the day’s Gospel (Mt 25:14-30), in which Jesus recounts a parable about a master who entrusts his servants with talents distributed according to their ability. The Pope said the parable sheds light on the beginning, centre and end of our own lives.

Beginning: Entrusted with talents

“Everything begins with a great good.” Our lives, said the Pope, began with the grace of God, at which moment we were each entrusted with different talents. “We possess a great wealth that depends not on what we possess but on what we are: the life we have received, the good within us, the indelible beauty God has given us by making us in His image.”

Lives of service

The Holy Father went on to reflect on the centre of the parable, and our lives: “The work of servants, which is service.” He said service is what makes our talents bear fruit and gives meaning to our lives. “Those who do not live to serve, serve for little in this life.” The Pope said the Gospel makes clear that faithful servants should take risks. By not clinging to what they possess, good servants put their talents to good use and are not fearful or overcautious. “For if goodness is not invested, it is lost, and the grandeur of our lives is not measured by how much we save but by the fruit we bear.” He said a life centred on accumulating possessions rather than doing good is empty. “The reason we have gifts is so that we can be gifts.”

Poor bankers

“How then do we serve, as God would have us serve?” asked Pope Francis. According to Jesus’ parable, the master tells the faithless servant who buried his talent that he should have invested his money with the “bankers” in order to earn interest. Those bankers, said the Pope, are the poor. “The poor guarantee us an eternal income,” he said. “Even now they help us become rich in love. For the worst kind of poverty needing to be combatted is our poverty of love.” The Holy Father added that Christians can multiply our talents by simply holding out our hand to the poor, rather than demanding what we lack.

Success versus love

Pope Francis then reflected on what Jesus’ parable tells us about the end of our own lives. When our lives are over and the truth is revealed, he said, “the pretence of this world will fade, with its notion that success, power and money give life meaning, whereas love – the love we have given – will be revealed as true riches.”  “If we do not want to live life poorly,” he said, “let us ask for the grace to see Jesus in the poor, to serve Jesus in the poor.”

Prayer for the 2020 World Day of the Poor

Almighty, ever-living God, your beloved Son came to us in poverty to win for us the riches of eternal life. During His time on earth He taught us by word and deed. From His death we learned of the immensity of His love; from His resurrection we learned how t believe and to trust that our lives have purpose from beginning to end. 

Help us never to forget that every person has value and is loved by You. Remind us that, as Your people grow older, they do not cease to be people worthy of respect, understanding and appreciation. Though the eyes of the elderly may grow dim, we pray that their vision of everlasting life with You may grow ever stronger; though their bodies may become frail, we pray that their faith may empower them; though their minds may falter, we pray that their memories may bring them comfort and peace.

Lord God, may we never forget your Golden Rule to treat others as we would wish to be treated and remember to apply that Rule most especially during the golden years of age. Save us from falling into the trap of seeing the elderly as a burden.

We ask you, Lord God, to help us set aside material wealth so as to recognise the spiritual riches of patience, compassion and love for all your people. As we journey through this life side by side, may we learn to support one another with the combined wealth of youth, strength, wisdom and experience until we are called to the place you have prepared for all those who are poor in spirit and rich in love.

We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son,
who lives with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


Church Stall

Christmas Cards, calendars, diaries etc. Stall open 30 minutes before Weekend Masses



Click Here — > To find out how this course will be delivered online in this short Youtube video.

We invite YOU to deepen your Catholic Faith and help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ with our Diploma in Catechetics. Its easy to take part. Lectures will be delivered each Thursday evening in a 45 min Zoom session – so you can learn in the comfort of your own home! In a letter to parishioners, Archbishop Cushley said: “This is an excellent initiative. Its open to anyone who wants to learn more about their faith and to deepen their understanding of Catholic theology. I sincerely encourage any of you who want to deepen your faith to think seriously about taking up this opportunity.”

When does it start?  The 12 month Diploma in Catechetics begins on 12 January 2021.

What does it involve?  A 45-minute lecture each week on Zoom in the comfort of your home.  Six modules of six classes, beginning in January 2021 until December 2021.  Assessed by an oral interview on Zoom at the end of each module.

Who’s running the course? The Catechetics Commission of the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh.
Sr Anna Marie McGuan, the Archdiocese’s Catechetics Advisor, is leading the course.
Lectures delivered by religious and diocesan priests, lay people and religious sisters.

Does it cost money?  The course cost is £100.  This can be paid by the parish for any parish catechists.  Financial assistance is available for anyone in financial difficulty.

Sign me up! 

You can register now by emailing [email protected] All Catholics are invited to take part.

The Archdiocese especially asks those who are involved in the catechetical work of the Church – children’s liturgists, RCIA team members, teachers, youth group leaders etc – to register

Click Here — > To find out how this course will be delivered online in this short Youtube video.


The Organ Restoration Fund

Many thanks to those of you who have contributed so generously. As I write this a further £1,000 has been donated since we banked donations on Wednesday this takes us over the half way mark – though the newsletter still shows us at the point of banking. If I could encourage you to contribute to this it would be most helpful.  Far more than simply the organ is now being restored – In the stairwell and organ loft  the plasterwork has been fixed in many places,  the walls and ceiling repainted. Also in the organ loft the windows fixed and secondary glazing will be fixed to reduce dampness at the bellows, new lighting installed.  We will now look at repainting the metal work which now looks rusty and dull. As ever a bigger job than first considered but all better done while the organ is dismantled. All thanks to the generosity of parishioners who love their beautiful church.

Best wishes and every blessing

Fr Basil


Keeping the Church Covid – 19 Safe 

Additional helpers needed

Sharing our talents:

A big thanks to all those who have been volunteering in the parish in recent times. Your help is really appreciated and is making all the difference in keeping the church as safe and Covid secure as possible! As we move towards Advent we are going to need even more people to help us in this work in different ways.

Would you be willing to share your talents with our parish community in Advent and beyond? If you are not already involved and would like to help please get in touch with Fr Basil and give him an idea of what you’re willing to do.

We need folk to clean, welcome, register, read, organise and many other things we haven’t even thought about yet! Whatever you can offer contributes to the building of our parish community.THANK YOU!!

“Well done, good and faithful servant; you have shown you can be faithful in small things, I will trust you with greater; come and join in your master’s happiness.” Matthew 25: 23

On behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council

PS Parish Whats App Group

Please don’t forget we have Parish Whats App Group to keep in tough with each other virtually. If you would like to join this Whatsapp Group please email:-

Click here for email address
with your name and phone number and ask to be added.


Covid – 19 and Mass Times

Before you come to Mass please complete the form below and return it as requested on the form. Mass times and all the information that you need to know when
attending Mass are printed on the Registration Form.

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In addition to being open in a limited way just now we are still broadcasting.
So, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for information Holy Mass each Sunday. Our Youtube channel is here
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Covid – 19 still has its restrictions but just take a look below and in our Latest News Section. You will find that things are still moving ever onward. There are ideas for helping to support local business’ through Christmas  

Click here for ideas to support our Local Shops this Christmas

and there are opportunities to reflect for a while on Advent.

Click here to find out more about reflecting  on Advent in a number of different ways

Loretto Community Hall has proposals for modernisation of the kitchen and you are invited to offer up ideas once you have had a look at the proposals. 

Click here to see Draft Proposals for changes to Loretto Community Hall – Kitchen Facilities


Our Lady of Loretto and St Michael Parish Finance Appeal


As we have reopened the church for private prayer and to comply with Government Health and safety regulations a number of measures have been put in place to allow this to happen.  The installation of hand sanitisers, providing wipes, gloves, masks, disinfectants, various other cleaning materials, signage and alternative seating arrangements have all been requirements.  

In addition to this I’m sure you will all have been enjoying, and appreciating, the opportunity to take part in the holy Mass being shared on YouTube.  In order for this to continue for the foreseeable future and to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access holy mass, additional technical equipment will need to be purchased to ensure we are meeting the GDPR rules.  

As you will appreciate this all comes at a cost and with the parish income having reduced by 50% during the pandemic, we would like to appeal to you for a small donation to help cover these additional costs.  Donation envelopes will be available in the church house porch if you are passing and can collect one.  Envelopes should be returned to the church house.  

Alternatively, donations can be made directly to the parish bank account (80-17-68 00242902 – Our Lady of Loretto Musselburgh 2 A/C, using reference APPEAL).  

Many thanks in advance for your continued support to help get our church ready to allow us to all be back together soon.


Miriam McHardy                (Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council)

Mark Roberts                       (Chair of the Parish Finance Committee)

Please click this Secure Link if you wish to make a donation to the Parish of Our Lady of Loretto and St Michael the Archangel


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